complete solution for law office


Law firms and professionals in legal industry often find themselves overwhelmed by the number of documents they have to deal with. They either operate in an ad-hoc environment using simple word processors, insecure repository and emails or adopt a streamlined process of document capture, storage and workflow.
Legal document management helps:
  • Convert paper documents to digital files
  • Retain document for long case cycles
  • Access to documents simultaneously for peer review, revision and approval
  • Find case-related documents instantly
  • Prepare for discovery requests

Legal professionals have to juggle multiple tasks and cases, which requires constant collaboration.
Being an information-driven field, legal firms have to be careful with their data. Legal professionals have to handle confidential client data, juggle multiple tasks and cases and make a note of most minute changes, which requires constant access to documents and smooth collaboration.
Legal professionals have to spend significant time on a regular basis reading statutes, agency rules, court decisions, zoning laws and other regulations to stay abreast of changes. Most importantly, they need to store all the client data and research work in such a way that it is secure and easily accessible.
Managing documents effectively is critical in legal industry. A failure to effectively manage and control documents can result in loss of employee productivity, legal judgments, reputation and clientele. Legal document management technology allows individuals to manage documents efficiently and securely, and at the lowest possible cost in terms of both direct expenses and personal productivity.
Law firms adopting technological solutions can offer clients more for less, stay abreast of changes and collaborate without bearing additional costs. Legal industry is no longer neglecting the need to incorporate software like legal document management, which allows them to do more in less time.
Majority of documents in legal industry are created using MS Office applications or are scanned from paper documents. These documents are sent to other users in organization via email for review. Many revised versions are created on various computers resulting in loss of original version and a mishmash of documents.
Document management and control
  • Ad-hoc document storage and organizing policy results in employees wasting many billable hours simply looking for information. Legal firms are also at risk of losing important documents.
  • In absence of a Version Control system, legal firms often spend time on procuring the latest version, making changes to the same versions and reconciling multiple, edited versions.
  • While some documents can be shared with some users, some can’t be shared. Lack of user/group based security rights can lead to security breaches and unauthorized use of data.

Workflow and sharing methods
  • Without a centralized repository, employees don’t have access to latest versions or files and spend a lot of time recreating documents.
  • Outdated communication and sharing methods translate to lost time, productivity and reputation.
  • Unstructured workflow results in chaos amongst employees, as they are not aware of the right course of actions to be taken.

Maintaining document lifecycle process
When document lifecycle process is not maintained or followed, companies can fall into a lot of troubles. Employees may accidently delete or misplace some important document, which may result in problems during e-discovery request.
Preparing for e-discovery
Courts ask not only for documents but even proof of documents like associated metadata, communication related to documents as well as their versions.
Use of complicated and costly technology
Legal technology is often complicated, which is why most organizations fail to implement technological software even after investing heavily in them.
Why Legal Document Management?
The key to managing information no matter where the source is known as information control. With the ability to define policies to manage, secure and control documents, law firms can enforce strict policies. Whether it’s monitoring users with routine audits, entering metadata or following a workflow, document management is one of the best practices to follow in legal industry. Any firm that deals with a lot of documents and wants to improve client satisfaction needs a Document Management System. XINTAGMA LEGAL emerges as a viable solution for legal industry because it fulfills needs specific to this industry and has many salient attributes such as affordability and ease of use.
What happens when Document Management System is not easy to use?
Many law firms and corporate legal teams invest heavily in expensive document management software only to find that it is very complicated and most users prefer to manage their documents traditionally rather than spending their valuable time learning and using this technology.
Do we really need Document Management Systems?
The most common fear amongst lawyers and legal professionals is to invest in technology that is not going to help them. Technology is often likened to white elephants. However, many firms have been using Document Management Systema for years and affirm its benefits. Briefly explained, you can do without Document Management Systems, but you can do better with Document Management Systems.
Document Management Systems can improve productivity of employees by cutting down their monotonous jobs, making information readily available, speeding up regular tasks and smoothing internal communication and collaboration. All this cumulatively has a positive effect on customer satisfaction. Also some features directly influence customer satisfaction.


Managing documents effectively is more critical in legal industry than in any industry. Being an information-driven field, legal professionals have the responsibility of juggling multiple tasks and cases, which requires constant collaboration. They have to spend significant time on a regular basis reading statutes, agency rules, court decisions, zoning laws and other regulations to stay abreast of changes. Most importantly, they need to store all the client data and research work in such a way that it is secure and easily accessible. Technology that provides document capabilities that will permit legal professionals to manage documents efficiently and securely, and at the lowest possible cost in terms of both direct expenses and implementation costs is needed. Legal firms need document management software that is affordable, easy to implement, simple to use and with full range of features that enhance productivity and prepare firms for e-discovery is essential in legal industry.

Who is designed for?

  • LEGAL Organizations with 5 – 1000 employees
  • Small to medium-sized businesses, teams and departmental users

Economic benefits

  • Paperless office
  • A single workplace for all activities in legal firm
  • Affordable / low total cost of ownership
  • Ease and speed in document handling
  • Ease and speed in document archiving
  • Ease and speed in document filling in
  • Ease and speed in document categorization
  • Ease and speed in document retrieval
  • Ease and speed in document conversion (from one format to another)
  • Ease and speed in creating new documents from documents in paper format (OCR, ICR, BCR, …)
  • Document security
  • Minimizes storage, retrieval and work flow management
  • Cost savings on data entry, filing and personnel management and archiving space for paper documents
  • Operational efficiencies (minimizes errors, quick retrieval, and is not labor intensive)
  • Customer Service efficiency
  • Reduction in volume of paper and need to photocopy – “Green” approach (try to minimize as much as possible the paper, toner and energy consumption)
  • Sharing of information quickly and to several individuals simultaneously
  • Secure documents electronically
  • Minimize risk due to physical damage of the documents or due to disaster
  • Ease and speed in deploying the product across the organization
  • Ease and speed in deploying updates and upgrades across the organization
  • No IT knowledge required for the users
  • No IT knowledge in the organization for using this software
  • Very short implementation time
  • Very short training time
  • Long-term accessibility of information in documents

Special LEGAL Module

  • CLIENT definition
  • FILE definition
  • CALENDAR for each user
  • Connectivity to
  • Automatic data synchronization CALENDAR <–> JUST.RO
  • Track of work time per user per CLIENT and per FILE
  • Time sheets and reports
  • Billing, invoicing and reports
  • A single workplace for all activities in legal firm

Some Key Features (all of the Standard Product)

  • Easy to use.
  • Works on Microsoft Windows, or Unix or Linux; uses MySQL or MS SQL Server, ORACLE.
  • Very flexible and organized information.
  • Create users, groups, roles and permissions that map to an organization’s structure and processes.
  • Scale to support unlimited number of documents, folders, workflows, document properties, document types, roles, groups and users.
  • Retain complete history with document versionning.
  • Electronically sign documents to meet compliance requirements and create audit trails. Time stamping.
  • Extensive security features and user access management.
  • Find items with powerful search functionality for multiple document types and metadata.
  • Upload documents in bulk using ZIP files or import from existing directory locations.
  • Email documents from within the application and keep a record of the email correspondence.
  • Use document type alerts for reminders of time-based events, document retention periods and reviews.
  • The Microsoft Office Add-in allows users to navigate the repository from within Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint using a familiar tree structure.
  • Search, edit (check out), view and save (check in) documents in the repository.
  • Email documents to users, groups and external email addresses
  • Remote access – Geographically dispersed teams can access, create, modify, or save documents from any web browser, Microsoft Windows desktop or Microsoft Office application.
  • A platform for collaboration – document specific discussion forums and customizable workflows facilitate collaborative review and approval.
  • Information at your fingertips – Find documents quickly and easily with powerful indexing and full text search.
  • Full control – flexible role or group-based security settings control user access and permissible document actions.
  • Accountability – Track all document activity with detailed audit trails and version history.
  • Web interface accessible from modern versions of Mozilla Firefox , Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Improved productivity – Set up workflows to optimize document-centric business processes and use company resources more effectively.
  • A paperless office – Scan paper documents for indexing and search with optical character recognition feature. It also integrates with a variety of 3rd party scanning applications and supports bulk document uploads.
  • Support for records management strategies – Define document alerts to remind yourself and other users of time-based events, including contract expiry, document retention periods and reviews.
  • Internationalization – Romanian, English, German, French, Italian,  Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and other languages right out of the box.
  • System works in different languages at the same time (e.g.: one user working in English, another one in French, etc.).
  • Application independence of the storage format.
  • Capability for flexible reuse of information in documents
  • Documents available all the time and everywhere, instantaneously.
  • Work from any device, including mobile devices (tablets, smartphones; Windows, iOS, Android), mobility.
  • Need for minimum hardware and software infrastructure (machine, operating system, database management system, client application).
  • Can work in cloud architecture and SaaS.
  • Minimum infrastructure licensing costs.
  • Disaster recovery, backup, business continuity and redundancy ability.
  • Flexibility – Integrate it with other web applications via SOAP Web Services. Its plug-in architecture allows for easy extension of all system functionality.
  • Meet regulatory compliance challenges – It has wide applicability in helping organizations meet regulatory compliance challenges such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, SEC Rule 17a-4, HIPAA and FDA 21CFR11.
  • Build sophisticated workflows that manage the generation of document and notify certain roles or groups when they are required to act.
  • Limit document access during the workflow process to only users who require it.
  • Assign automatic workflow triggers to specific document types or folders.
  • Link documents together allowing documents of similar concepts or subject to be easily managed as groups.
  • Discuss documents using built-in discussion forums.
  • Controlled emailing of documents held within the repository.
  • Document and folder subscription technology will notify users when document actions are performed.
  • Save standard searches so that users of the system have access to them from the system dashboard.
  • Create users, groups and roles that map your organization’s structure and processes.
  • Manage folder permissions and assign to groups and roles.
  • Define Dynamic Conditions that allow document permissions to based not on hierarchical folder permissions but rather on document metadata, contents or transactional information.
  • Create Document Types for the different classes of documents your organization utilizes.
  • Define sets of metadata fields for documents and either make them generically applicable to all documents or assigned on a Document Type basis.
  • Metadata fields may be simple text fields or complex structures such as drop-down lists or trees.
  • Slice through the normally hierarchical document taxonomy by browsing documents according to the metadata fields you have created or Document Type.
  • Our Desktop Imaging allows you to capture documents using a TWAIN-compliant imaging device, review the capture results, add metadata to the document and upload the document in repository, all within one easy to use wizard.
  • The Desktop Imaging Scan Wizard allows reuse of metadata from previous runs of the Scan Wizard, ensuring that capturing large numbers of documents is as easy as possible.
  • Desktop Imaging uses OCR technology to convert the contents of your captured document into PDF metadata, allowing your document to be indexed and easily found in document content searches.
  • Desktop Imaging supports TWAIN-compatible imaging devices, allowing devices ranging from desktop scanners to high volume scanners with automatic document feeders to be utilized.
  • Users and groups can be created in the internal database or from an LDAP source.
  • Synchronize your group membership schema with your Microsoft Active Directory infrastructure.
  • Multiple authentication providers can be utilized in a single server implementation.
  • Customizable dashboard allows to view subscriptions, pending documents, checked-out documents, quick links.
  • Easily create and manage system help content from within the application.
  • Define helpful saved searches accessible to all users.
  • The architecture ensure low barriers for developer wishing to customize/extend the application.
  • Portlet and dashlet concepts that allow for easy addition of enhancements to the user interface.
  • Easily customizable user interface templates and internationalization schemas.
  • Powerful plug-in architecture that exposes core application actions and triggers and allows quick and easy extension of all system functionality including file parsers, document management, workflow, and storage and authentication providers.

Optional Modules

  • Advanced scanning OCR and indexing Module
  • Advanced (ICR / OCR / BCR, custom validation, forms, invoices) Module
  • Backup and Restore, Publish and Export Module
  • Romanian Registration Module
  • Templates Module
  • Online Backup and Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Module
  • Electronic signature and time stamp Module
  • Advanced converter to PDF Module
  • Advanced View, Collaborate, Redact, Publish to PDF Module
  • Web Scan Module
  • Document Expire Module