Xintagma Updates: Office documents can be edited directly in Xintagma

Bucharest, May 4th, 2015 – Thanks to the new functionality “Edit with Google Drive”, available from this month in the latest version of Xintagma, users can directly edit Office documents within the document management system. This will greatly facilitate user’s work with documents. Traditionally, editing Office documents involved opening the document, making the necessary changes and saving them in the source application and then uploading the document in Xintagma. The latest version of the application allows making changes to Office documents directly in Xintagma, eliminating the step of uploading the document into the document management application and the need of locally using Office applications- Word, Excel, Power Point. Also, on the workstation where the Office documents are being modified there is no need to install the Office suite or other compatible packages as editing is done directly in the document management application. How to use “Edit with Google Drive”
  1. Open Xintagma
  2. Select the document and then click “Edit with Google Drive”
  3. Edit the Office document in Xintagma.
  4. Save the changes made.
After completing the 4 steps you will find directly in Xintagma the latest version of the document, which includes all changes made by you. ps_egd Benefits of the new “Edit with Google Drive” feature:
  • Facilitating working with documents;
  • Optimizing the number of Office licenses;