Eurocom launches Xintagma 4.0.1.

Bucharest, March 10, 2015 – Eurocom launches today in Romania the latest version of Xintagma 4.0.1. that brings significant improvements to the application concerning the ease of use thanks to new ergonomic interface, the compatibility with HTML 5 and the advanced caching mechanism. Capture2 The latest Xintagma version was designed based on customers’ feedback and in accordance with Eurocom’s commitment of delivering customers a solution with “enterprise” functionalities at an affordable price. Thus Xintagma 4.0.1. includes a number of improvements that make it easier to use, intuitive and fast:
  • User Interface
The new user interface is more ergonomic and easier to use thanks to its large buttons and “ribbon” style navigation bar. Also the new interface adapts its size and resolution according to the device the application is being used on (tablet, smartphone, etc.).
  • 100% compatibility with HTML 5
Due to the perfect compatibility with HTML 5, Xintagma 4.0.1. runs on all mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, etc.), it is compatible with all new browsers, allowing operations like “drag & drop” of files and the possibility to access the device’s camera.
  • Improved caching mechanism
Xintagma’s new advanced caching mechanism enables faster loading of pages and contributes decisively to the increase in the application’s execution speed.
  • Application Debugging
Based on the feedback received from the test team and from the customers, the new Xintagma 4.0.1. is bug free.