Easier import of documents in Xintagma thanks to POP3 plug-in

Bucharest, April 6, 2015 – Thanks to the new POP3 plug-in integrated in Xintagma users can easily and quickly upload files into the document management system just by sending an e-mail to a predefined system address. For example the address arhiva@domeniu.com was defined for file uploading. When a Xintagma user will send an email to this address both the message body and its attachments will be automatically uploaded into the document management system. Also when the same user will utilize functions such as “Reply”, “Forward” to the address arhiva@domeniu.com the document management system will connect these messages. In other words, in order to save an e-mail conversation in the document management system it is sufficient to add the archive’s e-mail (see arhiva@domeniu.com in the example above) in the fields “To”, “Cc” or “Bcc”. Benefits for users:
  • Upload documents quickly and easily
  • Retrieve all information related to a file uploaded into the document management system
  • Automatic retrieval of metadata (“Sender”, “To”, “Subject”, “Date”, etc)